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Started in 2007 by Saiqa Kayani, Saiqs (Hair & Beauty) is a well established hair and beauty salon in East London. Offering an array of treatments from customised facials to aesthetic treatments. We cater to all.

Peel system

MelanoPro Peel

Melanopro Peel System is a clinical-strength peel program that delivers visible results in less than 6 weeks. Works to visibly counteract environmental skin damage

Nano Infusion


Looking for a skin treatment that delivers an instant glow and that sought after ‘glass skin’ finish? Well, look no further!

Welcome to Saiqs (Hair & Beauty)

Saiqa Kayani

After 10 years in marketing role working in the City, Saiqa

founded Saiqs (Hair & Beauty) in 2007

Saiqa has been a qualified professional skin and laser

therapist for over 10 years’ and now specialises in, laser

hair removal, chemical peels, nanoinfusion and

micro-channelling. Saiqa has developed and fine-tuned her

approach to skin treatments by taking a holistic approach,

examining a person as a whole including lifestyle, diet and

routines, with an approach to combine customised skin

treatments and other lifestyle changes that will have a

meaning impact on the client’s skin. Combining innovative

skincare, advanced technology, and her unique facial


Saiqa regularly attends training and refresher courses to

keep up to date, Every year Saiqa renews her Dermalogica

expert status and is official stockist of their products. for

facials, Crystal Clear facials, Nanofusion,

Working along side Saiqa are independent therapist who

offer an array of treatments from skin treatments,

advanced aesthetics, and hair styling.

Founder & Owner

Treatments with Saiqa

ProSkin facials

Tailored to your skin’s needs on the day, Saiqa will design your treatment to target your main skin concerns and include wellness touches to aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Luminfusion treatment

Luminfusion is an advanced 60-minute skin service that combines a targeted retinol peel, nanoinfusion technology and LED red light therapy. 

Crystal Clear treatments

Using the COMCIT TDO machine Saiqa offers multiple treatments such as Frozen Facial, H2O Glow, Microdermbrasion and Oxygen therapy.

Chemical peels

3 different strengths of Chemical Peels, which are powerful skin resurfacing treatment to target skin texture, tone, wrinkles and breakouts.

Body treatments

Choose from a relaxing back purification treatment or a more targeted back treatment for acne and scarring.

Laser hair removal

A better way, a safe, long-lasting way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking great

Dermalogica expert &
Platinum Pro Partner

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